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The horse is the central figure for all human development work at Belvoir. Twelve hundred pounds of power and beauty in motion, the horse is over ten times the size of an average human being. And yet, there is a strong emotional and curative bond between us.

This powerful animal has stunning capacity to mirror human emotions and facilitate human healing. That is why the horse can be our most gifted teacher. 

Why does this relationship work? Humans are predators, but horses are prey animals. As prey, they have to be fully aware of the larger environment around them to protect themselves. Their life depends upon exercising these talents. In a world inundated with rapid-fire technologies and responses, horses have plenty to teach us about how to reclaim our diminished right-brain capacity for empathy, creativity and compassion. 

Through Equine Assisted Learning, and all its complementary nature-based programs, Nature Walks and Birding, Forest Therapy, Archery and Yoga and other equally powerful activities, we learn to speak the strong, silent language of the horse.  We can enter the forest to bathe in the earth’s replenishing energy. We can draw a powerful bow and hit our targets. And we can find inner peace with ourselves and the world.

“More than thirty million years of evolutionary pressure have turned the horse into the quintessential prey animal. Rather than using words or vocalizations to communicate – sounds that help a predator pinpoint its prey – horses learned instead how not to talk, how not to make sounds, and how to make sense from being, not thinking.”

~ Zen Horse, Zen Mind, Dr. Allan Hamilton


Participants engage in hands-on learning that utilizes the horse as your partner in exploring positive development of communication, self respect, confidence, trust, accountability and conflict resolution. 

Sessions incorporate a variety of groundwork and general horsemanship activities such as grooming, etc. which take place in the arena or outdoor round-pen.

Equine Facilitated Learning programs can be tailored to specific needs of individuals, populations or organizations. All sessions have a qualified therapist in attendance. 

Please note that an EFL/EFT programs are strictly ground work (no riding) programs.

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