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Our mission is to set the standard of professional excellence in how horses and humans can communicate, bond and work in unison to transform the quality of life and mental health of individuals, families and groups. The horse, with its heightened instinctive intelligence, is the central teacher and head of our family of human growth programs. At Belvoir, Equine Facilitated Learning is enhanced by three nature-based activities: Forest  Bathing, Archery and Yoga, each growth program providing complementary natural awareness, disciplined focus, and healing connectivity between mind, body and spirit.

Horses do not see us as our collective stories but simply as we are standing in front of them. The horse brings its uncanny ability to peel our egos back, to strip the layers away like an onion, until we find ourselves awkwardly naked and vulnerable. But the horse also shows us the joy that comes from living with the bare truth of ourselves. What a gift that is.” 
~ Zen Horse, Zen Mind, Dr. Allan Hamilton

 The power of the horse

The horse is a mighty animal. 1200 pounds of power and beauty in motion. And yet there is an emotional and curative bond between horses and humans.

Why does this relationship of horse and human work?  

Humans are predators, but horses are prey animals. They have a different brain and a different way of communicating. By nature horses have expansive non-verbal sensitivities. As prey, they have to be fully aware of the larger environment around them to protect themselves. Their life depends upon exercising these talents and one of their great strengths is that they can run and run fast. They can immediately sense and run away from danger. As a result of their heightened sensitivity, horses have plenty to teach us about how our own non-verbal energy, our chi, can be understood and employed to our own benefit.


"THE REASON THE HORSE can become such a gifted teacher for us is because he does not need an inner voice. He doesn’t think in words at all. He feels. He experiences the simple energy of his emotional state of being. More than thirty million years of evolutionary pressure have turned the horse into the quintessential prey animal. Rather than using words or vocalizations to communicate — sounds that help a predator pinpoint its prey — horses learned instead how not to talk, how not to make sounds, and how to make sense from being, not thinking. Horses infuse emotional meaning into every body movement."

Allan Hamilton, author Zen Mind, Zen Horse.